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Writer's Block: Musical Affliction

Have you had an earworm lately? Exorcise it by inflicting it on your friendslist. Post the lyrics or - even better - a video.
"Fleurs Du Mal" by Sarah Brightman
I love the song and it looks amazing in her concert.

Writer's Block: My Definition of Greatness

How do you define greatness?
Sarah Brightman

Writer's Block: And the Oscar Goes To

What movie, whether it was nominated by the Academy or not, gets your personal vote for Best Picture of 2008?
Repo! The Genetic Opera!!!
Fuck the Acadamy.
Having Sarah Brightman there would of made it less suck-ish.

Writer's Block: Fright Show

'Tis the season for scary movies. Some rank The Evil Dead as the best horror film of all time. What is your favorite scary movie?

Writer's Block: One Hit Wonder Day

Today's National One Hit Wonder Day. Whole albums or entire ouvres can be quite impressive, but more often than not, individual songs have the largest impact on us. Which one hit wonders have played a major role in your life?

I Stand by Idina Menzel
If you could pick any TV show that has been off the air to come back for one more season, which show would you pick and why?
Will&Grace because its amazing!

Writer's Block: Remembering Summer

Care to reminisce about some favorite (or not so favorite) summer memories?
My favorite was getting see Idina Menzel's concert in Tampa :D

Do you think Heath Ledger deserves the Oscar for his role in the Dark Knight?
 No. He deserves 2